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GECAC Tutoring Encourages Achievement, Coaching & Hardwork

GECAC is happy to use Eleyo for easy-to-navigate online registration for our tutoring program. Setting up your family profile is essential to register for GECAC's multiple programs including TEACH, ASAP, RiTechA, and/or Day Camps.

TEACH Program

Tutoring Encourages Achievement, Coaching & Hardwork (TEACH) mentor/tutoring is the matching of a student receiving one or more below average grades with a volunteer or tutor. They meet twice a week online via Google Meet, for 55 minutes each session. Each session allows the student and mentor to talk together and find out how each other’s day was. This bond breeds trust and a healthy, safe, comfortable environment to study in. We believe every child should be given a chance to be successful. We further believe that community volunteers; working as academic mentors and tutors, together with the school districts will provide assistance to children struggling in school the opportunity to improve academically and become successful lifelong learners. 

It is our mission to give every child a chance!

Please Note: Plan for at least 15 minutes to complete registration. The information is not saved until complete.

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Tutoring 21/22